Summer is around the corner, and you might be pondering different ways to update and give your pool a fresh look. Pool tiling is just one of the ways that you can give your pool a modern feel that will have everyone flocking to the backyard. Still you may not know where to begin when it comes to tiling ideas. Fret not; there are many options such as mosaics, glass tiles, and fun patterns that will turn your dull pool into a stunning backyard statement. These tilings add a new dimension, as they reflect sunlight and create beautiful water visuals that leave you, your family, and friends breathless.

Pool tilingGlass Tile

Swimming pool tiling that uses glass tile is a fantastic way to renew your pool. Your options are limitless because glass tiles come in a multitude of colors. This ensures that your pool palette doesn’t clash with your home, and its surrounding outdoor decor. Glass pooling tiles are sometimes used as an accent around your pool and your pool steps. Pool accents are a simple decor option that is minimal but leaves a powerful statement about your pool. Glass pool tiling is durable, and because it reflects so well, it makes your pool seem larger and deeper, which makes it all the more inviting.

Mosaic Pool TilesMosaic pool tiles

If you are still searching for tiling ideas, you should consider mosaic tiling for your pool. Historically, mosaic pool tiles have been used as a creative outlet, and that still holds true today. Use mosaic pool tiles to create beautiful artwork inside your pool such as fishes, dolphins, and other brilliant, creative ideas. This tiling idea has the potential to leave your guests stunned and will have them shower you with compliments that will leave you glowing.

Benefits to Pool Tiling

Tiling options for your pool are not only gorgeous, but it is practical. Pool tiles are smooth, thus easier to clean. Another advantage is that it is less susceptible to pool chemicals. This benefit makes it easier to keep your pool balanced and clean. Pool longevity is another beneficial feature. Over time, you may find that you only need to replace a few tiles with a little grout, but you can expect that your tiling will last years with minimal repairs. If it’s properly maintained, you can expect a shiny, beautiful pool for years to come.

tiling ideasPool Tiling Cost

The cheapest cost for a tiled pool is around the $25,000 range. Some swimming pool tiling can quickly go into the $100,000 range depending on an owner’s preference and taste. However, despite these upfront costs, tile pools do last longer and are aesthetically more appealing, even after many years. The cost over time is minor compared to maintenance and use over time.

Consider pool tiling to update your pool, improve its look, and create beautiful visuals in your backyard. Talk to the professionals at Eco Water Solutions for any questions about pool tiling and turning your pool into something brilliant and breathtaking this summer.