Pool Repair/ Diamond Brite


Pool Repair with Eco Water Solutions

Eco Water Solutions is the one stop shop for all of your pool repair needs including pool maintenance and even pool remolding. We offer free estimates as well as affordable prices to get your pool back to where it needs to be to make you happy again. We can repair:
• Leaks
• Cracked Concrete
• Swimming Pool Replaster
• Loss of Grout and Tile Work
• Any other pool repair issues that you might be experiencing.


Diamond Brite

For clients who are searching for versatility, quality, and safe pool finishes, we can install Diamond Brite Exposed Aggregate Pool Finishes. What makes a pool beautiful is a beautiful pool finish and Diamond Brite is the leading pool finished provided. It is made a combination of natural quartz aggregates, polymer modified cement, and non-fading diamond quartz.

This powerful combination holds up impressively to even the harshest pool environment, providing years of enjoyment. It also comes with a variety of colors bring your pool to life. It is such an amazing option that you can combine two or more colors to create a more unique pool. Millions of brilliant and gorgeous quartz aggregate create not only durability but also an amazing color for your pool. The quartz can show all the way to the bottom of any pool, spa or fountain. It is an excellent way to express yourself through your pool.

Maintenance is easy with Diamond Brite because it resists staining or etching as a result of harsh pool chemicals. Plus, unlike other pool plasters, Diamond Brite pool can handle being drained and cleaned without any fear of damage. It also comes with an added sense of safety because it is slip-resistant. The quarts inside are smaller than pebble finish surfaces; it feels great against swimmer’s feet, making it an ideal choice for wet and slippery conditions.

If your pool is in need of a replaster pool repair and a new finish, consider calling Eco Water Solutions. Eco Water Solutions is proud to install Diamond Brite Exposed Aggregate Pool Finishes and provide the best pool possible for your home.