What is arguably one of the most important aspects of your pool is its pool lighting. Pool lighting enhances the pool experience that you and your family have. Not only does it create stunning water visuals, but it is also essential for safety as well. Proper lighting is crucial to a pool and its upkeep.

LED Pool Lights

LED pool lightAn increasing popular pool lighting option is the LED Light, which is known to be environmentally safe. LED pool lights do not heat up like incandescent lights do. Incandescent lights waste up to 80% of its light producing heat rather than just shining light while LED uses less energy, and lasts longer than a traditional incandescent light. LED lights shine brilliantly, while using less energy and have the capability to change colors. So instead of different singular lights, you can purchase an LED light that changes colors with just a flip of a switch.

The best LED pool lights come with options that often blow people away and get them excited about their pools. LED lights come in a broad spectrum of colors that can remain static colors or flash colors. However, the main attraction about LED lights come pre-programed with light shows. These light shows are a great visual appeal and create incredible pool events. These light shows can vary in speed, from slow shows to fun, fast, and exciting. Another bonus, LED lights come with its own controller that allows pool owners to control their lights easily.

Floating Pool Lights

A cheaper but still fun pool light option is above ground pool lighting. Above ground pool lighting are usually cheaper options, which may be an attractive option for those on a budget. A popular above ground option is floating pool light. As its name suggest, these floating pool lights float on top of the water. Since many of them are LED, you can expect the same light brilliance, however because these light float, you may experience uneven light distribution.

Pool Lighting Care

Pool LightingLike any pool, maintenance will be vital for your pool. Pool fixtures that you set up around your pool may need to be changed or fixed altogether. It is highly recommended that you use a competent professional if there are any issues with pool light bulbs or any significant changes to your light and fixtures. This is especially important as you are dealing with water. You may not be able to tell if it is a simple bulb change or if your light fixture is bad altogether. For example, you may have a short in the wiring, and the lights are tripping instead. If you are not knowledgeable, you can seriously endanger yourself and anyone around you. Exposed wires and forgetting to disconnect wires can seriously harm you and ruin your pool lights.

If there are any issues with your pool lighting and pool fixtures, be sure to call the professionals at ECO Water Solutions. We provide complete full-service pool and spa repair and can restore your pool to glory. We have many years of service repair under our belt, and we understand the complexities of pool lights. Call Eco Water Solutions for your pool needs and see the difference with us.